A Bondsman in Oklahoma Can’t Give You All the Answers

Although a bondsman in Oklahoma can provide their client with a lot of help, the client must do some research on their own. The bondsman can’t answer every question that a client has for them. There are times when defendants will have to contact the court directly or speak with an attorney.

Special Trips

A defendant who used a bonds company, like A Absolute Bail Bonds, to get out of jail has to realize that there may be restrictions on where they can go. Some defendants are prohibited from leaving their cities. If a defendant has any question as to whether or not they can leave their jurisdiction, a call to their lawyer or the court should be made. The last thing a defendant wants to do is to violate their bail by taking an unauthorized trip.

Driving Privileges

A bondsman in Oklahoma can be used to get a person out of jail who has been arrested on a DUI charge. When a defendant has a DUI charge hanging over them, their driving privileges can be revoked or limited. It’s up to the defendant to know the status of their driving privileges. If a defendant in a DUI case is caught driving when they are not supposed to be behind the wheel, they can get into even more trouble.

No Contact

A defendant might be released under the condition that they don’t come into contact with the alleged victim in their criminal complaint. Even if the defendant and the alleged victim are on good terms, violating the court terms for release could get the defendant arrested. The defendant’s bail could be revoked. As with other questions about a release, answers can be found by contacting the court directly or speaking to the attorney who is handling the case.

A bondman can’t keep up with everything that is going on with their clients’ releases. A bondsman will expect their client to know the full terms of the court’s release agreement. While a bail agent might be able to offer some general advice, contacting a lawyer is usually in a defendant’s best interest if they have any legal questions about their release.

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