Bail Bonds: Understanding How They Work

Appearing in court can be a stressful experience for you and your family. As if getting arrested isn’t traumatic enough, you’ll also need to pay bail while you wait for your turn to appear in court. Bail bond services can ease some of that stress and your financial worries.

What are Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds allow you to stay out of jail while you wait for your court appearance. Putting up money for bail, though, isn’t often easy. Not everyone has that amount of cash lying around. If you’ve reached out to friends and family, and can’t come up with enough funds, you can look for 24-hour bail bonds in St. Tammany Parish instead.

What are Bail Bond Services?

Bail bond companies pledge money that serves as a surety that the individual accused in court will be there for their set court appearance. Bail bond agencies, unlike banks and other loan providers, take on this risk. The best bail bond services know how to help the accused and their families.

Who Is Eligible for Bail?

Anyone accused and charged with a crime has a right to bail. Different states have different laws about that, though, so you’ll want to check what’s in the law for you. For instance, bail won’t likely be granted to anyone accused of a crime if they are a flight risk or pose a continued threat to the safety of the public.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Once an individual has been arrested, the court sets a hearing data and their bail amount. Friends and family often pool their resources together to cover the amount. However, a bail bond agency such as A Affordabail Bail Bonds can step in and post bail for the accused instead. If the accused fails to pay for bail, that’s when the bondsman turns to a bounty hunter to find the accused and get them back to court.

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