Bail Bonds in Oklahoma Allow Defendants Their Freedom Before Trial

U.S. residents are sometimes encouraged to stay calm regarding the nation’s crime rate, with the implication that the rate has not increased over the years. In reality, several types of arrest rates have increased significantly in the past 40 years. Low-income and poverty-level men and women are most often detained for a lengthy time before trial because they cannot afford bail. Bail Bonds in Oklahoma provide another option.

Crime Rate Statistics

Violent crime arrests in the United States have increased by about 20 percent since 1980, according to the Council for Economic Advisors. The same increase has been seen in arrests for property crimes, such as burglary and vandalism. One of the more alarming crime rate statistics is that of arrests for drug offenses, which have skyrocketed by more than 90 percent since 1980.

This information doesn’t specify whether the actual crime rates have gone up or whether police have become more effective at arresting offenders. Many U.S. residents are concerned about the large number of men and women being arrested for nonviolent drug crimes and being held behind bars for weeks or even months without a conviction. Those who qualify for Bail Bonds in Oklahoma and can afford the service fee are able to secure their release quickly.

Dire Consequences

Being detained for so long can cause a defendant’s life to completely unravel. Losing one’s job is very likely, which can lead to further extremely negative results like eviction and vehicle repossession. With so many men and women struggling financially in low-paying jobs, they live paycheck to paycheck and just barely are able to cover the bills each month. They need to get back to work as soon as possible with the help of an agency such as A Absolute Bail Bonds.

Reform advocates have noted population groups untreated unfairly in the bail system in addition to financially impoverished individuals. People of color, for instance, are disproportionately assigned higher bail amounts on average by judges. These men and women may already be battling the prejudicial effects in regard to employment, housing and reputable borrowing opportunities, and now they have an even bigger problem.

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