A Bail Bonds Agent in Shelton, CT Welcomes Clients Facing Theft Cases

When it comes to crimes that don’t include violence against people, some crimes can be viewed as more offensive than others. For instance, stealing from a church or a charitable organization may be viewed more harshly than shoplifting from a national chain store. A bail bonds agent in Shelton CT helps defendants secure their release from jail before trial in these types of cases without making any judgments.

Outrageous Acts of Theft

People tend to feel particularly outraged when an organization dedicated to religious pursuits or helping others is violated by theft or vandalism. Stealing from a soup kitchen, a charitable thrift store, or a food pantry are good examples. Sometimes, the theft is not burglary, but instead is the white-collar crime of embezzlement. Either way, the public frowns on this behavior even more than it would shoplifting from a big-box discount store or home improvement store.

Bail Bonds

A bail bonds agent in Shelton CT offers service to defendants even if they have actually committed a crime of burglary or embezzlement, and even if that crime is considered particularly reprehensible because of the victim. These agents essentially function as important workers in the justice system by providing a legal way for defendants to be released from jail when they cannot afford bail.

An Ongoing Criminal Act

The more religious members of a population may view burglarizing or embezzling from a house of worship as stealing from God. The theft in these organizations tends to take place in small amounts over several years before the person is caught. This may be a church bookkeeper or even an usher who is pocketing loose bills from offering plates.

No Discrimination

Burglarizing a charitable organization will certainly be viewed as highly unethical, and the thief will not have much sympathy from the public. Those people might forgive a person for stealing food to feed the family, but not for stealing money from an organization dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Nevertheless, an agency like Aces Bail Bonds does not discriminate and will provide a surety bond for a service fee for any qualifying defendant. Get more info about our bail bond process.

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