The Process of Getting Haltom City Bail Bonds

When a person is arrested and taken to the jail to be booked, it is a frightening time in the person’s life. No one wants to be locked up in jail, especially if the crime accused of is relatively minor, and the person is made to feel like a common criminal. The judge will set bail for the arrested person, and if the person can’t afford it, jail time awaits the defendant until the time of the hearing. However, an agency provides Haltom City Bail Bonds to help the defendant get out of jail after the arrest.

The Process of Bail Bonds

The person cannot afford the bail set by the judge, so a bail bonds agency will take care of the bail for the person for a fee, usually around 10 percent. In addition, the bail bonds agency may require the person to put up collateral as a guarantee, in case the person decides to jump bail. Items used for collateral include, but are not limited to houses, cars, expensive jewelry, stocks, boats, and other items of great value.

More about the Process of Bail Bonds

The defendant must be sure to show up to all the court hearings to keep the collateral intact that was offered up as guarantee. As long as the defendant does this, the collateral will be returned at the close of the court case, no matter what the outcome is for the defendant. If the defendant does not show up, serious consequences will take place, such as the collateral being in jeopardy of having a lien placed against it, and the defendant will be returned to jail. The simplest thing to do is just do everything by the book.

A Bail Bonds Agency to Help

Wherever there are jail cells, there will be bail bonds agencies nearby to assist defendants in trouble. Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds is an agency that provides bail bonds services for defendants who find themselves wanting to get out of jail until their court hearing. If a defendant needs the services of an agency for Haltom City Bail Bonds, the agency is available. The members at the agency invite interested parties to “Call us now!

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