Affordable 24 Hour Bail Bonding Upper Marlboro MD

No one expects to be arrested, and no friend or family member ever expects to get a call requesting a bail out from jail. Still, it happens quite often. The standard amount of money accepted by most companies that provide 24 Hour Bail Bonding Upper Marlboro MD is ten percent of the total bail set for the arrested person. That can add up to thousands of dollars and take time to pull together. Meanwhile, that friend or family member waits in jail.

Bail Bonds Posted Fast

One experienced company accepts down payments of one to five percent of the total bail amount to make the initial payment more affordable. That translates to bonds being posted faster and people leaving jail as soon as possible. The location is directly across the street from the Maryland District Courthouse which is a factor in the expedition of bonds. The person arranging for bail must have a valid identification card and be over eighteen years of age. Those are the only two requirements that need to be met.

Why Bail Is Essential

Utilizing the services of a 24 Hour Bail Bonding Upper Marlboro MD is essential for a few reasons. The first is so the arrested individual can contact a lawyer. The sooner that is accomplished, the more time there is to build a strong defense case. The lawyer can investigate the scene of the arrest, speak to any witnesses, and get pictures of the area.

Another reason is to allow the person to continue to go to work. This is important to meet current financial obligations as well as make money to pay for legal fees. Getting back to a normal daily routine will also relieve stress, provide a distraction from legal worries, and keep up appearances for any small children that may be affected by added tension.

Services After Bail Is Arranged

A bail bondsman lets the accused know what to expect from the process moving forward. Reminders of the court date will be given, and any assistance needed to ensure the person appears in court is provided. If the accused needs a ride to court, for example, the bail bondsman will provide transportation. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever bail is required.

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