What Happens With a Bail Bond Agent in Alameda County CA When the Terms Aren’t Followed

Those who want to help a relative get out of jail until their hearings are completed will often worth with a bail bond agent in Alameda County CA to obtain a bond instead of paying the bail amount in full. However, there are terms for the bond that must be followed by the person being released. If these terms are not followed, the bond could be revoked.

The Arrested Person Will Return to Jail

If the person doesn’t show up for their hearings, is arrested again, or otherwise breaks the terms of the bond, there may be a bench warrant issued for their arrest. They will likely be required to remain in jail until their hearings are complete at this point to ensure they attend the rest of their hearings. This could have quite a few repercussions for them as well, such as the loss of their job because they cannot get to work.

The Collateral Might be Forfeit

If the bond was secured with collateral, it will be forfeit if the terms of the bond are not followed. This means the person who gave the collateral to secure the bond will lose their collateral or will need to pay the full bail amount immediately if they’d like to make sure they do not lose the collateral. This could be an incredibly expensive consequence, depending on the collateral that was given.

The Full Amount Might be Due

If the bond was secured with a cash deposit, the person who secured the bond will need to pay the remainder of the bail amount to the bail bondsman. Since the deposit is typically around 10% of the bail amount, this means the person will owe the remaining 90% immediately.

If you’re considering a bail bond to help a relative, make sure you understand the consequences if anything goes wrong so you can minimize the impact on you and so you can explain the terms and the consequences to them. If you have any questions about the terms, a bail bond agent in Alameda County CA will be able to help you. Visit the website for Angela Maxwell Bail Bonds to find a bondsman to work with and to get help today.

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