How to Post Felony Bail Bonds in Floyd County, GA

Most felonies and misdemeanors can lead to charges being filed, and the perpetrator may be put in jail. However, before sentencing, the courts hear both sides of the argument and confirm the facts of the case. If the courts feel that the accused is at a risk of running away and may not show up for the proceedings, they might ask the authorities to take the accused into physical custody. In order to get the accused out of jail, a bail bond must be filed. The bail bond serves as a formal guarantee that the accused will show up in the courts. If the accused fails to show up, the court will seize the money. Felony bail bonds in Floyd County, GA can be filed by several agencies and bail bond companies on your behalf. Here are a few things that you should know about posting a felony bail bond.

Contact a Local Service

If you want to post a bail bond, you should look for a local service that specializes in posting felony bail bonds. There are many companies that you can contact if you have to file a bail bond. The company will require you to fill out a form and you must pay a small fee. Once the formalities are completed, they will post the bail bond on your behalf.

Important Information

You will need to provide detailed information to the agency regarding the case before the felony bail bonds are posted. They will require a guarantee that the accused will show up in the courts on time during the proceedings. It’s important that you approach a reputable company like Corntassel Bonding, as they have blanket agreements with the courts and process your case quickly.

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