How to Secure Bail Bonds in Jefferson County, TX for Quick Jail Release

Bail bonds in Jefferson County, TX are available around the clock to help inmates secure release from pretrial detention ASAP. Bail bonds are easy to come by, but there are some tips to bear in mind before getting one.

Important Info

Bail bond agents require important preliminary info about the inmate to start the bail bond process: the inmate’s full name, charge, jail location, booking number, and bail amount.

If the charge is a misdemeanor, the bail amount may be available on a bail schedule posted in the sheriff’s office or the county jail. If the charge is a felony, the court doesn’t set bail until arraignment or a bail hearing, typically 24 to 72 hours after booking is completed.

Fine Print

Bail bonds aren’t equal to the full amount of bail. They have a nonrefundable fee called a premium. The premium is the bond agent’s fee, equal to 10 to 15 percent of full bail.

Acceptable payment forms vary from agent to agent, but cash is welcome. Depending on the agent, checks may also be acceptable as well as credit cards. Credit cards present an advantage. They allow a third party to charge the entire bail premium and court filing costs and then pay the amount down over time as they address the credit card balance.

It’s important to secure a bail bond as soon as the court sets bail. Average release times after posting a bail bond range from two hours to three days. In more congested county jails, the wait times can be longer.

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