What Types of Charges Qualify for 24 Hour Bail Bonding in Georgetown, TX?

There is a major misconception that bail bonds can only be applied to enormous bail amounts associated with major crimes. On the contrary, there are no charges or associated bail amounts that are too small or great for most seasoned bond agencies. That’s why 24 hour bail bonding in Georgetown, TX. is available for both misdemeanor and felony charges.

Types of Misdemeanors & Felonies

In Texas there are misdemeanors A through C. There are three degrees of felony charges as well as state jail felony and capitol felony charges. Each misdemeanor has its own assortment of associated fines and mandatory confinement times. Felony jail sentences vary according to type of offense and criminal history. The court imposes bail during an arraignment or pre-trial hearing. In some serious felony cases, the court may deny bail.

In some misdemeanor cases, bail for common crimes is pre-set and posted on a bail schedule in the county jail. Regardless of crime, if the court imposes bail, it’s important to retain a seasoned, quick bail bond agent ASAP.

How to Retain a Bond Agent

For filing purposes, the bond agent first needs the inmate’s bail amount, charge, booking number, detention location, and full legal name. A surety bail bond costs roughly 10 to 15 percent of the full bail amount. This cost is the premium; it’s the agent’s nonrefundable fee and does not include court filing fees. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, checks, and credit cards.

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