Here is What You Need to Know About the Bail Bonding in Cedar Rapids

Bail bonding is an age-old business that has been around for years. If a friend faces incarceration, here are some things to know.

Know the cost

The court determines how much bail is set for, and it depends on the severity of the crime. Most cases see a fee of 5-10%, with more serious crimes where violence occurs charged far higher than misdemeanor cases. Many courts today use an algorithm to set bail amounts, which takes into consideration factors like the defendant’s criminal history and age.

Lawyer Up

It’s not required to have a lawyer to be eligible for bail, but maneuvering in the legal system can be intimidating and confusing faced alone. If a friend or loved one is incarcerated, stresses are likely already high. An attorney can assist with understanding the consequences of charges, explaining the rights of the defendant, and giving guidance regarding critical next steps.

Prepare for Denied Bail

Depending on the nature of the crime allegedly committed, the judge reserves the legal right to deny bail. Under certain circumstances setting bail could prove a disadvantage to the surrounding community. If there are suspicions the defendant won’t appear in court, bail won’t be allowed. Click here to know more.

Reliable bail bonds service in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, offers peace of mind in the unfortunate event a loved one or friend faces incarceration. Wild Side Bail Bonds offers 24-hour assistance, transportation to court if needed, and reasonable rates. They have been a well-respected bail bonding company for decades, providing bail bonds service for Cedar Rapids, Iowa, quickly and professionally.

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