Saving Money on Bail Bonds Made Simple in Williamson County, TX

Judges often let people accused of crimes out of jail until sentencing, anywhere from a few days to a few years away, after posting bail. Keep reading to learn several real-world tips for saving money on bail bonds in Williamson County, TX.

Contacting Detention Officers

In places where bail is set according to criminal charges on a cut-and-dry basis, having an attorney contact the presiding detention officer could reduce a defendant’s bail. Although not all jurisdictions have detention officers, this is certainly worth a shot.

Charges Aren’t Always Filed Soon Enough

Almost always, charges against defendants are filed promptly. In many jurisdictions, failing to file criminal charges within a few days results in not being charged at all. Although unlikely, this is a possibility.

Attorneys Can Convince Judges to Lower Bail

While this attempt can backfire, defendants may succeed in asking attorneys to lobby the presiding judge to lower their bail. This usually only proves successful with people who are well-known in the communities they’re jailed in or are otherwise community figures that can be trusted.

Seeking Attorney-Referred Bonds

Law firms and solo attorneys alike often make deals with bail bondsmen wherein all referrals of paying clients are rewarded with a commission to the referral source and a discount to the client. These discounts are known as attorney-referred bonds.

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