Understanding the Process of Getting Fast Bail Bonds in Van Zandt County

Most bail bonds services aim to make the process of getting bail or bond relatively easy. However, you still might have questions and concerns about how the process actually works. Before you apply for bail bonds in Van Zandt County, Texas you should learn what are your responsibilities and how you can get a bond today.

Posting a Bond

When it comes to getting bail bonds in Van Zandt County, Texas clients first need to know the amount of their bail. They find out what their bail is during their arraignment hearing. The judge will set their bail based on the type of crime they are charged with and their risk to the community.

To post a bond, you must pay 10 percent of the required bail. The bail bondsman

posts the bond for you and promises the judge that the rest of the bail will be paid if you do not show up to your next court appearances.

You must pay the bond by making payments on it or signing over an asset that is of equal value. You also must secure the rest of your bail by putting up collateral like a house or car.

You then must show up to all of your court dates to have the remainder of your bail canceled. If you fail to make your court appearances, you can be arrested for absconding while out on bond. Get in touch with us to learn more about our bail bonds online.

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