What Are Notary Services in Henderson County Texas

When signing important documents such as loan agreements, mortgages, divorce decrees, and other legal documents, it is important to use Notary Services in Henderson County Texas. Notary service is an official witness that has been appointed by that state government. They serve in performing a variety of fraud-deterrent acts that are related to the signing of important documents. A notary is expected to follow written rules without the exercise of personal discretion as would be the case with a judicial official.

Notary services in Henderson County Texas have the responsibility to screen the signers of important documents for their true identity, their willingness to sign the documents without intimidation and to make them aware of the contents in the documents or transactions. A notary may also be required to put the signer under oath, which declares under penalty of perjury that the information in the document is true and correct.

When is a Notary Needed?

As mentioned above, there are many circumstances in which a notary is needed for an individual or individuals and their documents.

Financial Documents – Financial documents include mortgage closing documents, property deeds, and loan documents.

Business Documents – The types of business documents include articles of incorporation, memorandum of understanding documents, vendor contracts, commercial leases, employment contracts, and construction loan agreements.

Legal Documents – Any legal documents such as wills, trusts, advanced directives, executorships, custody and guardianship agreements, power of attorney, and court documents.

It is important to verify that the notary being used has been licensed by the state’s requirements in which they are currently operating and that they have paid a filing fee. They must also pass a background check. If the notary runs their own business, be sure to verify that the business is legally established as well to prevent any illegal situations.

Many notary services can be found close to home, such as at banks, title companies, or small business centers. However, thanks to today’s technology, notarizing a document can be done online as well, permitting the individual connects to a commissioned notary public via live video.

Notarizing documents are important to ensure that all of the legal steps have been taken for the document to be in effect. For more information on notarizing your important documents, contact Business Name today.

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