A Bail Bonds Company Provides an Alternative to Cash Bail in Saratoga Springs, NY

The inequities of cash bail in Saratoga Springs, NY have led many people to call for significant reform to the system. More than sixty percent of defendants cannot afford to pay bail. The negative effects of requiring defendants to wait in jail for months before trial have strong consequences for many other individuals. Taxpayers spend millions every year to house these inmates. Defendants lose their jobs and their homes.

The Issue of Collateral

The court may accept collateral instead of cash bail in Saratoga Springs, NY, but people who cannot afford the cash often have no assets that would qualify. They are more likely to be renting an apartment or house than to own a home. They may own a vehicle, but that car or pickup truck may not be worth very much.

Detainment Before Trial

U.S. residents who violate the law, especially when they commit felonies, are subject to being arrested and imprisoned. They may expect to be separated from their families and to lose their jobs. However, this standard is meant to apply to people who have been convicted of a crime or who have pleaded guilty. With so many individuals being held in city and county jails for lengthy periods before trial, problems with the criminal justice system are apparent.

Probable Cause

Often, when a person has been arrested, law enforcement officials only have probable cause. There may not yet be any concrete evidence that the person committed a crime, but a judge confirms that trying the case is reasonable. That does not confirm that the individual is guilty. A guilty verdict can only happen at trial or if the defendant admits guilt to the prosecuting attorney.

Confessions of Guilt During Questioning

Even confessing to police officers during questioning is not enough to qualify as a guilty verdict. The defendant may do so after hours of interrogation while feeling exhausted, bewildered, and humiliated. Afterward, the family may contact an organization such as Business Name, which provides surety bonds to the court as an alternative to bail. Contact us for a consultation.

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