When You Want to Talk to a Bail Bonding Company in Stratford, CT

When a person is arrested in Connecticut, a judge will set a bail amount for the person to remain out of jail if the judge does not release them on their own recognizance. Usually, the defendant cannot afford the full bail, and will require help from someone else or an agency, such as a bail bond company. A bail bonding company in Stratford, CT can help those who cannot afford to pay the full bail to the court. Here are some things that defendants need to understand about bail bonds in Connecticut.

Understanding Bail Bonds in Connecticut

When a bail bond agency helps a defendant get out of jail, there is a premium the defendant must pay for that service, which is usually around 10 percent of the bail amount. This fee is non-refundable and it is the agency’s fee for the convenience of being released from jail until the trial. Also, the bail bond agency may ask the defendant to provide collateral, which is usually something of value, like expensive electronics, houses, land, a boat, or a car. This is to ensure the full bail if the defendant should decide not to show up for court.

More About the Bail Bonds Process in Connecticut

If the defendant skips bail, the collateral will cover the full bail and the defendant will return to jail once located. If a bail bond agency has to locate a defendant, the defendant will have to come up with another fee to remain out of jail (that is if they are even allowed to do so). It is easier on everyone involved if the defendant just shows up to court on the days scheduled.

A Bail Bond Agency in Stratford, Connecticut

People who live in or near Stratford can use the Yellow Pages to find a bail bond agency when needed. Aces Bail Bonds, Inc. is a bail bond agency in the Stratford area that provides bail services to clients in need. If a person wants to talk to a bail bonding company in Stratford, CT, this agency is available. Contact Website Domain for more information on the services.

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