Bail Bonds in Glens Falls, NY: A Way out of Jail for Some Inmates Who Cannot Afford Bail

Many U.S. residents are troubled by the sheer numbers of people in jail who are only there because they cannot afford bail. In some states, these defendants have the option of obtaining a commercial bail bond, but some people have so many financial struggles they cannot even afford the fee for this service. An agency providing bail bonds in Glens Falls, NY offers different options to be able to pay to help defendants regain their freedom.

Crowdfunding Strategies

People around the country are trying different strategies to help their family members and friends secure pretrial release. In some jurisdictions, people have donated funds so that dozens of people could be freed on bond. One of the more recent developments is an app in which users can direct their spare change to help release defendants who have not been convicted of a crime.

Commercial Bail Bonds

In states that don’t have these private options for bonds, defendants can face dire consequences if they, or their loved ones, cannot post bail. Commercial bail bonds in Glens Falls, NY are available in the state of New York, however. If the service fee is a problem, the agency may be able to set up an arrangement for affordable payments over several months. Collateral may also be acceptable.

An Intrusion on Civil Rights

The cash bail system is increasingly viewed as an intrusion on civil rights, such as the right to a fair trial, the right to freedom before conviction, and the right to being presumed innocent until proven guilty. With around 500,000 people in jail only because they cannot afford bail or the bond fee, U.S. residents are alarmed at the extent of the problem.

An Enormous Problem

The bail system in the United States has progressively become an enormous problem. Taxpayers have to spend money to house all those inmates, most of whom have not been convicted of any crime and have been charged with a nonviolent offense. Some defendants can be released with the assistance of an organization such as Business Name. Visit us online to start the application process.

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