Domestic Violence Charges: Special Conditions for Pretrial Release With a Bond or Cash Bail in Hudson NY

A person who has been arrested on domestic violence charges may be allowed pretrial release from jail with certain conditions imposed by a judge. After the initial hearing, the defendant will have to pay cash bail in Hudson NY or find someone to arrange a bail bond to be posted through a licensed agency.

Bail and Bond Amounts

Cash bail in Hudson NY is often set too high for a defendant to pay. A surety bond normally costs 10 percent of the cash bail for a nonrefundable service fee. Sometimes even that amount is too high for the defendant. If this happens, the defendant’s lawyer can petition the court with a motion to reduce bail. All of the special conditions still apply unless the lawyer asks the court for a modification.

Special Conditions

What are some examples of possible special conditions?

No Contact

A typical requirement is to have no contact with the victim. There may be a restraining order prohibiting the defendant from coming within a certain distance of this person, or the person’s home or workplace.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

The defendant may be forbidden to use alcohol or other mind-altering drugs. Random testing may be ordered.

Monitoring and Confinement

GPS monitoring and home confinement may be a condition, depending on the circumstances. This obviously cannot be in a home the defendant had been living in with the victim. The lawyer will ask for a modification to the home confinement requirement if the defendant needs to work outside of the home.

In fact, going to work is one of the main reasons people want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Many men and women are at risk of losing their job if they have to stay in jail for any length of time. It’s hard enough to wait until the bail hearing, which might be held a day or two after the arrest.

Once the bail amount has been set, an application for a bond can be completed by a relative or friend acting on behalf of the defendant. To learn about one possible option, this individual may Visit our website for the agency.

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