Bail Bondsmen in Schenectady, NY Help Those Who Cannot Afford Bail

Being awakened by a phone call from a loved one in jail can be overwhelming. The person on the other end of the phone may not be able to answer any questions, and all they want is to be back home. In most cases, courts set a bail shortly after the arrest, giving the defendant a chance to be released if they are able to pay a predetermined amount of money.

How Courts Determine Bail

A defendant may be asked a series of questions after their arrest. These questions are designed to determine how much they can afford to pay. Some of the things they might be asked are whether they are employed and how much they earn, whether they have dependents that live with them, and whether they own a home.

For minor crimes, courts often assign a bail that is affordable but not so low that the defendant wouldn’t mind losing it. When the crime a person is accused of is more serious, the bail is going to be higher. This ensures public safety and gives the court money to search for the defendant if they don’t return on the scheduled hearing date.

When the Bail is Too High

Most people today don’t have much money in the bank. For those who are unprepared for this type of emergency expense, bail bondsmen in Schenectady NY may be able to help. Instead of paying the bail set by the court and getting it refunded after the case is resolved, people who use bail bondsmen pay a smaller fee to the bondsmen. That fee is not refundable. After signing a contract with the bondsmen, a defendant could be released from jail.

The bail bondsmen in Schenectady NY will inform the person who pays them as well as the defendant of the next scheduled court hearing. Defendants are required to attend that hearing and, if they don’t, they will be arrested again. To get someone released from lockup right away, contact us for consultation. The bondsmen will collect the fee after getting a signed agreement. The defendant is usually released within a couple of hours.

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